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            What are your Shipping rates?

            The latest shipping rates can always be found within the Setup menu of the app, clicking All Settings and scrolling to the bottom of the page!

            All shipping costs are added to the order invoice total in addition to the base item prices and upsells. Shipping includes the carrier charges, gift boxing and handling.

            Our shipping rates as of February 2019 are as follows:

            Destination               First Unit Rate          Subsequent Unit Rate

            United States            $5.17 per unit                 $0.95 per unit
            Canada                      $7.27 per unit                 $0.95 per unit
            International              $8.47 per unit                 $0.95 per unit 


            Order for 1 item to US: $5.17 total
            Order for 2 items to US: $5.17 + $0.95 = $6.12 total
            Order for 5 items to US: $5.17 + (4 x $0.95) = $8.97 total

            Due to restrictions, we're unable to ship items to the following countries:

            • Cuba
            • Iran
            • Libya
            • North Korea
            • Sierre Leone
            • Somalia
            • Sudan
            • Yemen
            • Ukraine (Crimea - ZipCodes between 95000-99999)
            • Guatemala (Temporary)
            • Liberia (Temporary)

            Updated: 6 days ago
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