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            PSDs For Free Plus Shipping and Engraving

            STEP 1.)

            Double Click The First Layer of the .PSD. This layer will lead you to the area where you will insert your artwork for the engraving effect rendering. 

            STEP 2.)
            After double clicking the first layer, hide the layer at the top by the "Eye" Icon. This is done so we can make some room for your design!

            STEP 3.)
            Make the Shape Guide (clicking the "Eye" icon) visible so you can scale your image to the correct proportions of the pendant. 
            Insert in your image into the .PSB. If the design you've inserted in is not entirely black & transparent the Engraving render won't work correctly. Use Photoshop options such as "colour overlay" to set the design entirely black/transparent. 

            STEP 4.)

            Hide the White Guide Layer and Save your artwork.

            STEP 5.)
            If you had to modify your artwork (change colour or size) make sure that you export that layer as a .PNG. This is the file that you will upload to the ShineOn App. This is the file the production team will use to engrave your piece!

            STEP 6.)
            Go back to the PSD; and your render is complete. Visit your product in the ShineOn App; upload each variant to the respective step in the FPS process.

            STEP 7.)
            You did it! Congratulations!

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