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            Production and Shipping Information

            Order Sync Overview

            Once an order is placed on your store, it will be synchronised to the ShineOn platform within 1-12 hours, depending on how many orders your store has had recently. Risk analysis checks take place within 1 hour of the order reaching us.

            Invoices for all orders are generated every 12 hours (at 7am and 7pm EST), and if you have automatic payments setup, the invoices will be automatically paid at these times.

            Production & Shipping Timescales

            Production usually takes 2-3 business days (maximum of 5). Once the item ships, the tracking information is fed back to your store automatically and the customer is usually emailed the tracking number.
            1. Delivery times are as follows:
              1. United States: 2-5 transit days
              2. Canada: 3-7 transit days
              3. Europe: 4-8 transit days
              4. Rest of the world: 6-10 transit days
            Orders of multiple items may ship separately for expediency, but there's no extra charge for this beyond the usual multi-item shipping rates.

            Shipping Restrictions

            Due to restrictions, we're unable to ship items to the following countries:
            • Cuba
            • Iran
            • Libya
            • North Korea
            • Sierre Leone
            • Somalia
            • Sudan
            • Yemen
            • Ukraine (Crimea - ZipCodes between 95000-99999)
            • Guatemala (Temporary)
            • Liberia (Temporary)

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            Updated: 09 Jun 2019 11:02 PM
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