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            Payment Settings (Auto-Billing)

            Adding a Payment Method

            1. In the app, go to Setup > Add Payment Method
            2. Select Add Card or Add PayPal and complete the details
            If your credit card's billing address is non-US, leave the ZIP-code field empty.
            It's recommended to add a backup payment method in case the default fails. You can select which payment method is the default by using the sandwich menu beside the Last Used column.

            Setting Auto-Billing

            It's highly recommended you use the auto-billing setting to ensure your orders enter production swiftly and automatically. You can set a custom delay before an order is billed.


            We bill twice a day, at 7am and 7pm EST. At these times, our system will automatically bill all orders that are on the app, which are at least as old as the setting.

            For example:
            1. Auto-Billing is set to 6 hours
            2. At 7pm EST, all orders placed before 1pm EST are paid. Newer orders will be paid on the next cycle, at 7am EST.

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