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            How to correctly convert my designs to .SVG format

            ShineOn is now requiring that all sellers upload their engraved design in .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. This will allow for more precise engraving at a much faster pace. 

            If you have already uploaded .PNG's to engraved designs, have no fear! You can still update the listing with a .SVG file format through selecting the "SVG Required" button in the Products section of the ShineOn App. (picture below)

            It's highly recommended not to use online SVG conversion tools, and instead familiarise yourself with Inkscape (free) or Illustrator (professional, but small subscription cost) to produce the best output files.


            Create a New Document to the recommended dimensions of the engraved products 

            “Place” the Black and White Design .PNG file into the New Document (the design must be black and white)

            Once Placed, make sure the layer is selected. Then, select “Image Trace>Make” from the “Object” drop down Menu. Ensure the following settings are selected:

            View is “Tracing Result”
            Mode is set to “Black and White
            Method is “Abutting” 
            “Ignore White” is also selected

            Then, Select “File” , “Export” , and finally “Export As”

            In the “Format:” section, choose “SVG (svg)” from the drop down menu. Also, ensure that you have the “Use Artboards” section selected as well. Click “Export” to export your design as a .svg.

            After Clicking “Export”, a box labeled “SVG Options” will appear.  Ensure the options are selected as follows:
            Styling: Internal CSS

            Font: Convert to Outlines

            Images: Preserve

            Object ID’s: Minimal

            Decimal: 2

            Then, Select “OK”

            Congratulations! You’ve correctly converted your design into a .SVG! Upload it to the Engraved Only Products within the app, and happy selling

            Updated: 09 Jun 2019 10:35 PM
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