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            Free Plus Shipping - Shipping Rate Setup (Collection)

            This article we will discuss 3 main FPS Shipping Rates Setup Parts:
            1.) Installing and Setting the EcomShipper App as your primary Shipping Rate provider
            2.) Creating Collections of Your Free Variants to allow for easy Shipping Setup
            3.) Setting Shipping Rates for your Entire Store, including different rates for FPS products

            Step 1.)
            Installing eComShipper App


            I recommend watching the help videos as it gives you a greater understanding of the ins and out the outs of the app; and also explains the Free Plus Shipping background of the app.

            Add to eComShipper your store
            Proceed with Free Trial

            STEP 2.)

            After app is installed, select settings. Then, select the "Shipping" tab to open up your Shipping settings. 

            STEP 3.)
            Ensure that you have eComShipper as your only Shipping rate provider.
            eComShipper will control all of your shipping rates within your Shopify store. Make sure that you delete any rates that you have set up in the Shopify Shipping Zones, as you'll be adding those rates into the eComShipper App.

            STEP 4.)
            Visit Products tab in your Shopify store, then select Collections. Create a New Collection.
            This collection will contain your FPS variants to allow for easy setup of shipping rules. Set conditions below:


            Products must match: all conditions

            Condition 1 Property: Product Price

            Condition 1 Operation: Equal To 

            Condition 1 Variable: $0.00

            Condition 2 Property: Product Vendor

            Condition 2 Operation: Is Equal To 

            Condition 2 Variable: ShineOn Fulfillment 

            STEP 5.)
            Select Apps. Then select eComShipper. 

            STEP 6.)
            Set Up your regular Shipping Rules for Non FPS Products.
            Select the "Shipping Rules" tab to add these shipping rates. In the example below, all orders between $0.01-$99.99 are charged $4.99 Shipping, and all orders valued $100 or above are free.
            This step is simply to make sure you are still charging shipping for all of the other products on your store (eComShipper does not automatically do this) 

            STEP 7.)
            • Visit "Products" Tab
            • Select "Bulk Product Update"
            • Choose "Collection"
            • Select your Free Plus Shipping Collection (the one created above)
            • Set Shipping Price 

            STEP 8.)
            Select "Collections" tab, then scroll down to your Free Plus Shipping product variant collection. Lastly select "Enable" to -except in Free Plus Shipping & Shipping Rules

            That's it!

            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 07:01 PM
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