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            Etsy ShineOn integration (CedCommerce)

            Hey Guys! Quick video on Etsy<>ShineOn integration here. Please feel free to ask any questions, the CedCommerce support chat team is really awesome and has gotten back to me almost immediately on all questions so they are also at your disposal.

            Get The App Here:

            A few notes to add:

            • When first mapping your products, feel free to go into deeper detail about the attributions. I hadn't done that for the sake of focusing on the integration itself, but go crazy to further automate the syncing of your products to Etsy. 
            • Definitely set up your shipping rates for Canada and "Rest of the World" when first starting up, don't want to lose money on those orders for lack of creating the shipping costs. Again, didn't cover this due to focusing on the integration itself 

            Updated: 09 Jun 2019 10:37 PM
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