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            Design Requirements & Size


            1. PNG for graphic designs, SVG for engraved designs
            2. RGB colourmode
            3. 300 DPI


            This sizing works as a visual guideline for Script and Serif fonts. pt sizes for text heavily vary between font types; therefore, we use a visual reference.

            Engraved design products can use smaller text sizes, but make sure you follow this guide for converting your custom fonts before creating your SVG.

            Keep text away from the very edge of the design area, as this will avoid any minor clipping.

            Design Dimensions

            Designs should be 2000x2000 or the equivalent for designs that are not squared, like dog tag. Follow the link below for template guides.


            RGB format currently, any colours work. If using a dark background, it's a good idea to make text transparent, to help it pop. Gradients do work, but they should be smooth and not rapidly change colour too much, as when scaled down this will greatly reduce in resolution.


            Our designs support transparency, which allows the shiny surface of the metal to show through your design. Just some important notes:
            1. When a design uses transparency, white or pastel colours will not show up on the final item
            2. Neon or bright colours will have a pretty cool looking translucent shiny effect on them, helping them pop!
            3. Dark backgrounds benefit from text or other graphic elements being transparent, to help make them more readable.

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