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            Can I sell ShineOn products on Amazon?

            It's possible to sell your Express products on Amazon! You will still need to have a Shopify store and our app installed there, but the integration is easy to set up.

            There's a tutorial on how to link your Shopify store to Amazon right here!

            To ensure orders are processed as smoothy as possible:

            • Make sure your Shopify store is not set to mark orders as fulfilled immediately after the order is placed. Our app will automatically do this once we ship the item.
            • Ensure you only create products through the Express app, and not manually. You should also ensure you don't copy SKUs between products.
            • Ensure you're aware of the Amazon seller requirements and set your store settings on Amazon in a way that ensures your customers there are aware of the timescales for the item to be made and shipped.
            Updated: 07 Aug 2019 09:08 PM
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