Discontinued products.

Sometimes products are seasonal, other times they get replaced with something that sells even better. Whatever it is, trends and tastes can change rapidly, and our products are constantly being updated to stay on the cutting edge.

When a product is discontinued, here's what happens.

What does "discontinued" mean?

When a product is discontinued, you are still able to create and sell products with it, until the remaining stock runs out. When that happens, we will not get any more, and the product will be moved to the "out of stock" section.

For this reason when browsing products, those that have been discontinued can still be selected, but they will show a discontinued flag like the one pictured.

What if I am selling a product that is being discontinued?

If you are currently selling a product and it gets discontinued, you will see a marker on it in your product list, like the one pictured.

First of all, don't panic! You can keep on selling these products with no problems. We will keep on fulfilling it until we completely run out of stock.

You can keep an eye on what products are running low from the inventory list.