Get Swapping.

Artwork swapper is a feature for both Etsy and Shopify sales channels that allows you to submit artwork to a product after it's been ordered, but before it goes into production.

This allows you to offer personalized message cards on products, or to customize your products with buyer requests.

Let's learn how to do it.

Locate the product.

  • From your ShineOn dashboard, go to products > all products.

  • Locate the product you wish to enough art swapper on, and click on it to edit it.

  • Click More Actions > Enable Artwork swapper.

Review the list.

The warning screen will detail how artwork swapper works:

  • All orders for products with artwork swapper enabled will automatically go into Manual Review.

  • You can filter these orders to find them easily from the orders section of your account.

  • You can submit the artwork you wish to send into production here, once done the product will enter production.

Understanding the order process.

Once you receive an order for a product which has artwork swapper enabled, you will need to locate the order and add the artwork.

Most of the time you will be notified this by email. However if you make a lot of sales you may wish to find all these orders at the same time:

  • Go to orders

  • Click the filters dropdown

  • Click you manually placed on hold

This will bring up a list of orders which have be placed on hold pending manual artwork.

Adding the artwork.

Once the order has been located. You'll notice it's placed on hold:

  • Click actions.

  • Click resolve a problem.

  • Click artwork swapper.

  • Upload the artwork.

  • Click Save Changes.

And you're done. The product will now be processed like normal.