Shipping & EU Update - Aug 30th

2021 continues to be a tough time for shipping, particularly for international packages. We've been working on some things, and the highlights are:
  • 📦 We saw a slight increase in items being returned to us because of customs tangles. We've worked with UPS to resolve these issues.
  • 💥 EU packages will now ship with a VAT code (IOSS) automatically. Etsy sellers no longer need to manually add this to shipping info.
  • 🛠 We're working with USPS on the issues surrounding lack of scans for our US domestic shipments. We hope to have a solution very soon from them.
  • 🐱‍🏍 We're getting closer to our EU factory opening in Amsterdam, which will greatly improve shipping times to Europe and beyond.
Scroll through this article to see details for each of these updates.

EU Shipping

The new EU rules covered more than just optional tax codes. It also increased some of the customs labelling requirements.

Before the July 1st rollout of the new EU rules, we took steps to ensure we had updated our systems to support the labelling requirements. We configured everything except tax codes, which were not supported by our provider at the time.

Since July 1st, we've seen a slight increase in items being returned to us because of issues with the customs label. Our packages get relabelled by carrier UPS before export, and this relabelling process was found to be where things went wrong sometimes.

We've been pressing UPS for a fix, and finally we have it. As well as fixing the errors in relabelling, we were also able to add support for the VAT/IOSS codes. So now, all packages will get those codes automatically.

If you have any items that were returned to us, please reach out to our support team to arrange reshipping.

USPS Tracking

Since the start of July, we've seen an increase in US domestic shipments not getting any tracking scans until nearer to, or after, delivery.

This was not surprising, as USPS had occasionally done this while coping with temporary staffing issues due to the pandemic. But we noticed this pattern was continuing beyond July.

USPS are investigating this for us and we expect an update or solution very soon. In the meantime:
  • Once we ship an item, you may see the tracking status remain as "Label created" for several days after.
  • The first tracking update after that can take up to 5 business days to show. It will either be when it's nearing delivery, or after delivery.
  • USPS deem an item lost after 7 business days of no updates, so please contact our support team if this is the case with your order.

Amsterdam Factory

The secret's out! ShineOn is setting up a new factory in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 🌷. We expect to be ready to start shipping the first orders from there in early Q4.

Our plan is to transfer most of our international orders to be shipped from Amsterdam. For European customers, this reduces the shipping time from 10-15 days+, to 2-7 days!

For non-European orders, they'll still benefit from improved transit times and most importantly, improved online tracking.

The whole team has been putting in long hours to pull off this huge project, and we're excited to welcome a new wave of European sellers to ShineOn.