Selling Glossary

Here's some definitions of common terms used in ecommerce, advertising, and selling with ShineOn
  • AOV - Average Order Value
    This is the total of all your sales divided by the number of orders. It is a good indication of how much your customers are spending per order. Higher AOV means your customers are spending more.
  • COGS - Cost of Goods Sold
    This is the total you pay to produce/supply the items on an order. You can take it off the total paid by the customer to get your gross profit.
  • Pixel
    This is the way Facebook tracks customer actions after they click on your ad, and navigate through to cart, checkout, and purchase. After creating a Pixel in Facebook Business Manager, you can add the numeric Pixel ID to your Shopify or Platform store settings. Then activity will be tracked and visible in your FB Ads Manager, as long as the user has not blocked tracking on their device.
  • Platform
    You can sell ShineOn products using your own custom domain and branding, but with ShineOn managing the store, hosting, orders & payment, customer service, and fulfillment. It's a great way to start selling without investing time and money in your own Shopify store, just create products and get selling! Learn more.
  • SOPP - ShineOn Product Page
    When you install the ShineOn App to your Shopify store, we install our conversion-optimized product page to your theme. When you create products with our app, they'll use this product page. It allows customers to personalize products, be shown upsells, and many other things.
    You can customize the appearance of the page, including enabling/disabling features and adjusting colours. Learn more.
  • UTM - Urchin Tracking Module
    An alternative way to setup tracking from your ads, which isn't affected by users who have tracking blocked on their device. Once setup, your ads will direct customers to your site with a UTM parameter in the URL, which is used by the store to track events. Learn more