Package protection and remakes.

If there are problems with orders, we can offer remakes under certain circumstances at our discretion.

We can currently offer remakes for either full items or just the box or accessories under the following circumstances:

All orders MUST have Package Protection for any remakes and wrong addresses that fall under the policy for Package Protection. Orders that have had no movement 30 days from the date shipped, can be reviewed for a possible approval for a one time remake, by the discretion of Management

  • The item itself, an attachment, or the box arrived damaged or shouldn't of passed QA.

  • The item has been stuck in transit for an unreasonable amount of time.

Additional Remake terms.

Terms apply to remakes, they are:

Damaged or poor QA:

  • Item must show as delivered.

  • Latest claim time is 15 days after delivery.

Lost or stuck in transit:

  • Earliest claim time is 5 business days after last update (domestic) and 20 business days for intl

  • Latest claim time is 30 days domestic, 60 days intl.

  • Items in customs and showing as in clearance still need more time before deeming lost as customs can take a while in some countries.

Package protection.

In addition to our normal remakes policy, You can also pay for Package Protection.

Package Protection (PP) is an extension to our remakes policy, which also covers the allowance of a remake under the following circumstance:

  • The item is marked as delivered on tracking, but customer did not receive it

Typically, remake requests under this circumstance without PP would be denied. In addition, the following limitations apply:

  • PP covers a single replacement, not a refund.

  • PP only works on Shopify at the moment, an cannot be used on Etsy.

Package Protection terms and discretion.

The following terms apply for package protection:

  • Earliest claim time is 2 business days after tracking shows delivered (to allow for carriers who occasionally mislabel shipments)

  • Latest claim time is 15 days from date delivered.