CSV Ordering

If you're running your store outside of the Shopify or Etsy platform, you can register a Partner account with us and submit orders to us via a CSV file.

CSV Ordering works like this:

  • You create products using our system, which will then give you an SKU to use.

  • You add your billing information so we can charge you the base cost of the orders.

  • You submit lists of orders to us via a CSV file; which includes important information such as SKU, details of the customer, and customization options.

  • We ship the orders directly to the customer and provide tracking information.

To get started you will need:

  • Some time to familiarize and test the process before accepting live orders.

  • To register a Partner account with us and add billing information.

  • If you're expecting a lot of orders daily, someone to help you process and upload orders, and download the tracking information for shipped orders.