Typical Production Timescales

Different products have different production times, they currently are:

  • Message Card Products: 1-3 Business days

  • Engrave Only Products (Watches, engraved pendants, stamped items): 2-3 Business days.

  • Graphic Products (Heart, circle, and dog tag graphical jewelry): 2-4 Business days.

  • Metal Art: 10-14 Business days

When does an order enter production?

An order will enter production the next business day after it has been paid. That means if an order has been paid for on Monday, the first day of production is Tuesday.

Production does not typically run over weekends. Which means if an order was paid for on Thursday, the first day of production would be Friday, and the second day of production would be Monday.

Quality Assurance

Occasionally an order might fail our QA checks and will need to be remade. If this happens, you will not be charged for the remake, but it will impact the production time.

Typically it will add 2 days to production.

Are you a seller? Keep it simple.

The information you provide your customers should be nice and simple. On your listings a timescale of 2-4 days will work.

However you should include a caveat in your FAQs that highlights that each piece is made to order by hand, and there is always a small chance that production may take longer.