So you got your first order?

First of all, well done! You're well on your way to success.

Let's take a moment to find out what you need to do next.

Check your orders.

From your ShineOn account dashboard:

  • Head to the orders section.

  • You should see the order here now.

Taking payment.

Next, it's super important you have a payment method set up:

  • In the bottom left click the three dots,

  • click settings

  • Scroll down to find the payment section.

  • Make sure you have a payment method added, and automatic processing turned on.

Check the order status.

  • Head back to the orders page

  • The status should say either "Awaiting Payment" or "In Production"

  • If the order status is "on hold", you can click on the SHINE-ID to find out why.

  • Once the order has been shipped, the tracking information will be updated on the order.