Changing locations?

Some of you may have two separate ShineOn accounts for some reason. This could be because you created two accounts for different sales channels, or because you needed to have an extra account for testing purposes.

Whatever the reason, it's now possible to migrate connected stores from one ShineOn account to another. This means that if you would like to have all of your sales channels and stores under one account, you can!

Consolidating your stores under one account means you can also copy products from one store to another.

You can even transfer your store to another seller, if you would like to change ownership of the store or give control of it to someone else.

What gets moved?

When transferring your store over to the new account, the following will be moved:

  • All products created on the store will be transferred

  • The Store settings

  • Orders and Payment history


  • If you want to transfer to a new ShineOn account, the account must already exist. You can register at

  • The email associated with the ShineOn account you would like to transfer to.

  • If transferring to a 3rd party, that 3rd party will need to accept the transfer within 24 hours, otherwise it will be revoked.

If you have read and understood everything so far, and are happy to proceed, click next.