Get covered.

The Extended Warranty service is available for most of our products. If it’s available, you’ll see the option to purchase it above the “Add to Cart” button on the product page.

The warranty covers damage, defects, or broken items to be replaced, one time within 2 years of purchase.

It can only be purchased with your item, and cannot be added at a later time.


The Extended Warranty coverage starts from when we ship your order, and lasts for 2 calendar years from that date. In that time you can contact us for replacement of your item if:

  • The item has become defective, such as chain breaking, plating wearing away, corrosion, or substantial fading.

  • You still have the item in your possession, as we’ll need you to send it to us to process your replacement under warranty

  • You have not already made a warranty claim for your item before

  • The Warranty was not previously cancelled, refunded, voided, or the purchase was not greater than 2 years ago from the day you contact us about a claim.

Making a claim.

Contact our support team, providing as much information as possible about both your original purchase, and the reason you wish to start a warranty claim. Providing some or all of the following details are really helpful:

  • The name and email address of the person who placed the original order

  • The order number, receipt email, or other details to help us locate the order

  • A description of the issue with the item, including when it occurred. Providing some photos can help us verify the issue too.

  • Your current shipping address, particularly if you’ve moved since you purchased the item.

Our team will verify your request to start a claim and usually reply within 24 hours (M-F). Once accepted, you’ll be given instructions on how to return the item to us for further assessment.

Our warranty team will examine the returned item and once approved, will request a replacement item is produced and shipped out to you. This may take 5-10 business days but is usually done sooner.If the product you ordered is no longer available, we’ll contact you to offer alternative items that are most similar to the item you purchased. The Warranty only covers a replacement item; refunds are not available when claiming.


The Extended Warranty does not cover:

  • Intentional damage or abuse of the item, for example damage after becoming tangled in machinery.

  • Loss, theft, fire, or other causes of loss or damage that are not related to the quality of the product or workmanship.

  • Products not purchased with the warranty coverage. The warranty must be purchased with every item you wish to have covered, and the coverage is not transferable between different orders.