About EU Fulfillment

Team Amsterdam is going strong, having started fulfilling our EU and International orders in September 2021.

There's only a few products we don't ship from EU, usually because they only ship within the USA, such as Metal Art. We may also be testing new products in one location, before we set it up for fulfilling in the other.

We automatically direct your orders between our Florida and Amsterdam factories based on the destination country and product availability.

Which products are currently shipping from Amsterdam?

Orders for International customers (excluding Canada) will ship from Amsterdam, unless the product is not available. 

The following products are not currently shipping from Amsterdam, and all orders for them currently ship from Florida:

  • Metal Art (US Only)

  • Engraved Wood Watch

All about our EU carrier

We're excited to be shipping all our orders from Amsterdam with Landmark Global. They partner with many EU and worldwide carriers to provide tracked package shipping across Europe and beyond.

We're still measuring the performance from our first orders but so far the results have been great. We're seeing shipping to EU countries take between 2-5 business days, UK around the same. 

If you have a tracking number on an order that doesn't start with 822 or 94, it's likely going to have shipped from Amsterdam with Landmark. You can plug in the tracking number into http://track.landmarkglobal.com

What about EU VAT?

Glad you asked. While we're soft-launching EU fulfillment, we've not yet enabled the new VAT charges for EU orders. You can use this time to familiarize yourself with the requirements for EU VAT and make sure you have your registrations ready.

Once we are ready to launch the new EU VAT handling, you'll need to ensure you have everything ready to begin charging your EU customers the correct VAT at checkout, and provide your EU VAT ID to us where required.