Increase AOV with engravings

For many of our products, customers can add their personal touch to the item with our personalized laser engraving. 

Using our optimized product page, eligible products will allow the customer to enter a personalized message for an upsell fee.  

Fonts and character limits

We use one of 3 fonts for the text, depending on the product. You can preview them here:
Basic emoji, such as hearts, are supported. Text is scaled down the more characters are used. On 2-line products, the size is scaled by the longest line. The more equal length the 2 lines are, the better.
  • Heart, Circle, Dog Tag pendants, keychains: 2 lines, (20 chars/line). Uses Tangerine font
  • Graphic cross: front (2 chars), back (20 chars). Back uses Tangerine font.
  • Artisan cross: 1 line on back (20 chars). Uses Tangerine font.
  • Horizontal Bar: 1 line, (20 chars). Uses Tangerine font
  • Vertical Stick: 2 or 4 sides (20 chars/line). Uses Courgette font
  • Birthstone name necklace: 1 line, (16 chars). Uses Courgette font.
  • Buyer Personalized watch: 2 lines, (20 chars/line). Uses Roboto font.
  • Sweetest Hearts: 1-3 hearts, (1 char/heart). First heart must always have a character. Only supports heart emoji. Stamped item, no font.

Language support

We support the following languages:
  • English (latin characters)
  • Many latin-based fonts with accents (French, Spanish etc)
  • Japanese and Chinese (most characters)


The cost of the engraving is displayed in the variants list while you're editing a product in the ShineOn app/platform. It's usually around $5.

Certain products where Engraving is required (such as Vertical Stick or Artisan cross) the cost of engraving is included in the base cost.

Managing Orders

When a customer order contains an engraved variant, the engraving text must be entered to proceed with the order.

If the customer no longer wants any text to be engraved, you'll need to resubmit the order to us for the non-engraved variant.