How Long does this take?
Estimated times range from 4-9 business days depending on volume. Please note that every piece is crafted to order.

What Payment methods are accepted?
Currently we offer PayPal payments only.

I don't see any bracelet or heart pendant variants, are they available for this video service?
Each video style is description of what the video will contain, regardless of the product variant. If you choose a Leather Bracelet with a Heart Charm SKU, we will capture that product in whatever style you so choose. 

What if I want a Buyer Upload Video?
Simply Create a NON BUYER UPLOAD Product with your preferred Buyer Upload Style Image and follow the same process.

Can I order more than one SKU per order?
Each order will have to contain 1 SKU as to avoid confusion between SKU's and Video Styles.

Why can I only set the quantity to a maximum of "1" for video styles?
Due to the fact that we only allow 1 SKU per order, you wouldn't want more than 1 video of any style.

Will My Videos Be Professionally Edited to my liking?
The videos are supplied in raw uncut format, for you to edit yourself. Some of the starting and ending angles may well be better cropped out. Shorter videos also work better for ads, unless you're showing off several different types of shot in the same video

Can I get Images of my products?
We do not offer a product image service at this time.

What if I'm confused?
We have integrated a support chat bubble in the bottom right, or you can message Ian ShineOn with any questions.
If you prefer email, email: with your Invoice ID as your title!

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